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No matter how popular or widely-appreciated some antivirus tools are, there’s still no such thing as an unbeatable, flawless, 100% secure antivirus. New malware constantly appears, being undetectable by antivirus programs, and they pose considerable risks to your data, as they can expose your system to more serious threats and problems. Anyway, it wasn’t my intention to scare you; I was just preparing to explain why SecureAPlus is actually a better solution than any typical antivirus.

SecureAPlus is not a typical antivirus, but an effective combination between an antivirus and an application whitelisting tool. Furthermore, its antivirus component doesn’t stick to one single proprietary engine that’s prone to errors, either small ones like false positives or more serious ones like not detecting threats, but instead it is an “Universal AV” that relies on multiple acknowledged engines (12 engines), like the popular Emsisoft, Avira, AVG, ClamWin, QuickHeal, or TotalDefense. This ensures higher detection rates and as a result, better protection for your computer, for your online identity, and for your precious data.

The “Universal AV” used by SecureAPlus is not only more powerful and secure, but also faster. Since it’s cloud-based, it won’t make your computer slow down during extensive scan tasks, or cause any other similar issues.

Getting back to the aforementioned application whitelisting feature, the one that actually can make this product better than the typical antivirus solutions, understanding what it does and what makes it such an effective addition to this tool is pretty easy. It allows only trusted applications that have been previously added to a whitelist to run on your system. This means that applications that are new, unverified, unknown, and untrustworthy won’t be allowed to run until checked and added to the whitelist. You’ll probably wonder who’s willing to take the time and make the whitelist in the first place. Don’t worry about it, you're not the only one who’s in charge of this task, so none of your valuable time will be lost. The whitelist is automatically created by SecureAPlus upon its first full system scan. As you can see, the application whitelisting method is both simple and effective, and that’s exactly how all things should be.

Last but not least, this powerful security solution is also free for people that use a single machine for most of their computer activities. There’s also a Premium version that, for a small fee, allows managing the security of multiple machines through a single central location (an online SecureAPlus account). The Premium version can also provide e-mail alerts besides the typical on-screen ones. I’ve tested the Premium edition as well and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it makes to keep an eye on the security status of multiple computers at the same time. The online account will even display the date of the last scan or the detected infections and potential threats, for each protected machine.

Cutting long story short, SecureAPlus is indeed a next-level security solution. It offers multiple layers of protection and manages to be incredibly effective. It basically represents the next best thing to the ideal, utopian, complete security app that has yet to be developed.

Margie Smeer
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  • The included antivirus uses 12 different engines
  • A powerful app whitelist feature
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight even during full scans
  • Free to use on single machines


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